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Hello I am a member of a local support group and have been watching comments here for some time and thought I should join.

One member asked about her dog slipping a lead, very worrying and I have for some time had my Border Terrier on a flexi lead attached to a belt round my waist. That way - hands free. The lead is permanently attached to the collar so I only have to fasten the collar round his neck. Hope his helps.


  • Ellen
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    Hello @Jobyna

    Lovely to meet you and welcome you to the Online Community, especially as you have been reading people's posts for some time now.

    I see you are a member of one of Versus Arthritis' branches? This is the link for find one if anyone here is interested:

    Thank you for your first post being to help someone else too that is really good to see. I hope you will decide to stay and share more of your own experiences with others here.

    I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Best wishes