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I’m a new Community Member who has severe arthritis of the right ankle. In December 2021 I had an arthroscopy with removal of bone growth at the base of the tibia, and the associated wash out. The arthritis in the joint is ‘bone on bone’ and paracetamol is of limited benefit in pain management. I’d like to hear from anyone who also has arthritis of the ankle, especially if they have had this procedure. I still have severe pain and mobility issues, and am struggling quite badly with daily life, so any tips or advice would also be welcome.



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    Good morning @Tulabelle Welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand from your post that you have severe Arthritis in your right ankle, are in considerable pain and are struggling badly with daily life and mobility. You would like to talk to people who have had Arthritis of the ankle.

    This is a thread which quite a few members have joined in:

    A new member @Carrie1965 also has Arthritis in her Ankles as well as other places.

    I don't know whether you might be interested, but this information could be helpful for you:

    Living in chronic pain can have a knock on affect on people's mental health our helpline is here if you think chat might help:

    I'll eave you now to meet our members.

    Very best wishes


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    Sounds like you need multiple treatments on your ankle? Try an analgesic gel, painkillers and a hot wheat bag, just keep using it. Heat is good for pain and it will also encourage stronger blood flow and with it any healing that can take place during resting sessions. Any exercises must be within your limits and may be as simple as a couple minutes of movement after a heat bag session? Don’t overdo it just because you feel better on a particular day, it’s called ‘boom and bust’ I’m sure you can work it out, and is a few steps backwards for your condition.

    My own ankles kept fusing up but we seem to have worked past that for a while.

    its a grin, honest!

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    Thank you! 😊