Don't be shy

Last week I received my first Orthotics appointment date for 10th June which means a 2 month wait for my leg brace, so I decided to phone the department and politely ask if there was any cancellations. I dropped lucky and was told they just had a cancellation and I could have it i was very happy then was informed it was for the 1st of June ow well i thought thats a little better she also told me she could put me on a list for cancellations. Yesterday i was called by the department and they had a cancellation for this Wednesday i took it before she finished speaking i was so happy. I managed to reduce my wait time by a full 2 months and helped the hospital keep their appointment slot in use, so if your in a similar situation don't be shy and give them a call you never know.


  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,485

    Well done @Kryten

    I am so pleased for you!

    Best of luck


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  • frogmorton
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    Well done from me too.

    Do you know we used to suggest this all the time, but lately (COVID I suppose) we have stopped. Let's get back to pushing ourselves forward 😊

  • Fif
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    I managed to get a cancellation to see the RA specialist. Like you, I phoned on the off chance and struck it lucky. There's no harm in trying and once you make contact I think they do keep you in mind if an opening comes up.

  • Lilymary
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    It’s always worth a try going for cancellations, I’ve got lucky a few times this way. It shouldn’t be the case, but those who can put themselves forward like this, without being aggressive or pushy, often reap the benefit. The docs are aware that the ones who sit patiently and “wait for the call” can get left behind, but unless someone tells them they’re getting worse, they’re not going to know and can’t do anything about it.