Methotrexate patients no longer 'high risk'

As most are aware new government guidelines came into force on April 1st. The term 'clinically extremely vulnerable' is no longer in use. Instead in comes 'high risk' Latest here:

But what they don't say is that it's not a simple name change. Not having received any notification of a change I contacted the Rheumatology department today to make sure I was still eligible for antivirals should I contract Covid. I was told I wasn't. Even though rheumatoid arthritis remains on the 'high risk' list (see link above) methotrexate patients have been removed from this category. Whether it's happened to people on other treatments I don't know. I was too stunned by this news to ask.

I then phoned my GP and received confirmation this was indeed the case. People like me - 4x vaxxed but with a negative antibody test result will NOT be eligible for antiviral treatment should they contract Covid.

This to my mind is scandalous. People in this category are at as much risk from serious illness or death as they were two years ago. Worse, it is now far easier to catch Covid as no mitigations are in place and positive cases are at a record high.

Yet even though GPs, specialists and the NHS in general know when someone has no antibody response they are still not eligible for antiviral treatment because their main medication has been removed from the 'high risk' list.

I have contacted NRAS to ask if they are aware of this and if they had any consultation prior to the change.

It is absolutely abominable to deny treatment to people in this situation.


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    The NHS Scotland webpage for those listed eligible for antivirals hasn't been updated since 10th February 2022 but that list, it seems, only included IMID patients on biologics and methotrexate - not methotrexate alone.

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    NHS England included methotrexate on its own at 20mg or more per week and I received the PCR test kit sent out to those eligible for antivirals. The link on my first thread was updated on April 1st

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    Oh my goodness this is quite wrong and scary!

    Have you still got your kit though @scotleag ? unused?

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    Yes. @BettyMac mentioned on another thread about an email sent out on Apr 1st to those (still) classed as high risk which said a pack of LFTs would be sent out. I spoke to 119 and at least they sent me those out.

    I spent a long time last night composing a highly detailed email which I sent to my GP surgery and to Rheumatology. The latter bounced back to me with a message saying that owing to the large numbers of emails received they were closing the departmental account!