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Hi all, I started on medication (methotrexate) start of March, and I take my last dose next week (as was given enough for 6 weeks). What happens next? I've left a message with the advice line asking them - I was also told I would have a follow-up (by phone) with the nurse in about 5-6 weeks (so potentially next week if 5 weeks) and not heard anything about this either! I suspect post may be being a bit slow as yesterday I received a copy of the letter of my appointment with the nurse (from four weeks ago!)


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    I think all you can do is keep on ringing your rheumatology helpline but do make sure you leave your name, address and phone number so that they can get back to you.

    If you had to miss a week there would be no great harm done but you might go backwards a little so I do hope you can make contact asap.

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