Medical and Ill Health retirement


Hi all, I had an OHS session in Nov 21 where they said that it might be that I couldn't return to my job and might be suitable for medical retirement of some sort.

I am with the council pension scheme and I have been off work since Aug 21 and my condition has worsened.

If I cant go back even with adjustments ( I can't sit or stand for any long periods without laying down). They may try to dismiss or exit me on some kind of medical process.i am on half pay and go to no pay in mid June 22

Anyone had any experiences and got any advice in terms of how you were successful or in reflection what would you do differently

Many thanks.


  • Mike1
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    If your employer decides to instigate medical retirement then you would get immediate payment of your pension including the lump sum. Depending on your age and circumstances you may be eligible for some benefits as well. When I became unable to work several years ago I was self-employed but had a reserved Civil Service pension scheme (into which I had transferred my military pension), I approached my previous employer stating that if I had still been working for them I would be medically retired, they agreed and sent me to an independent Dr who concurred and my pension has been paid ever since.

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    Thanks for that really helpful