Hello diagnosed 6 months ago with OA and struggling getting pain relief sorted. Initially on paracetamol and naproxen but continued to have really bad days. GP prescribed codine 15 to 30 mg at first up to 4 times a day. This was then upped to up to 60 mg 4 times a day following telephone consultation with gp when I was crying and very tired/upset. Is anyone else on these painkillers


  • alexander1
    alexander1 Member Posts: 70

    I am on the tramadol route but similar for 4 years.

    I also have amitripoline 30mg at 5pm which helps the pain through the night time.

    I have bought walking sticks wheelchair and mobility scooter as too painful to stand or walk.

    I use a tens machine

    ibrugel 10%

    also due to the impact of the illness on mental health I am on sertraline which also I am told has a nerve pain suppressant

    have you had steroid injections and have you been referred for orthapedica as I was told to wait as it happens to everyone and consultant said why did I wait

    i have two new hips not perfect and painless but better than bone on bone

    Now diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis and on DMARDS and Steroids

    If in spine/facet joints options of steroids and ablation therapy

    take care and there will be something that helps just make sure you don’t live silently in pain

  • Lindap
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    Thanks for advice. No I haven't had any referrals but recently had phone call for meds review by gp linked pharmacist which was helpful. Going to see how I go but will definitely ask re referral. Again thanks

  • Darko74
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    Yes, am on the following:

    co-codamol 30/500mg x 2 four times a day

    Duloxetine 60mg x1

    maxitram 150mg x2

    gabapentin 100mg x3

    hate taking them but now couldn’t do without them seriously!

    don’t always work mind you but with my osteoarthritis in my neck, back and hand unfortunately need them.

    side effects aren’t great dry mouth, sweating etc but not everyone gets them! Fingers crossed you don’t! Good luck 😉