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I'm feeling really down at the moment, just feeling pain constantly. I try to exercise, but my knees either lock or give way, I've been given codeine for stronger pain relief, but can't always take them as i feel drowsy.

I therefore take paracetomal in which aren't strong enough. I feel a no win situation.

How so other people cope with the pain? I'm not normally a person who speaks out but, I would open arms to advice.

Thank you.


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    @Silvanaantoniuk65 Hello from me I see you are new here.

    I am so sorry you are struggling so much. When I have taken the opiate type meds like codeine or tramadol I have either been in so much pain I am going nowhere or have tended to take them only at night to rest my sore joints and try to get some sleep. When I have needed them for more than a week or so I can then cope with them in the day as well. Sort of got used to them I started with half dose in the day with paracetamol and built up to the right dose.

    What about anti-inflammatories? Like Ibuprofen or naproxen(the last prescription only). Mie is Arcoxia which is supposed to be gentler on the stomach. They also are a painkiller so can be useful to add in to existing meds.

    Exercise does help you are right to try it these ones are super gentle and can mostly be done sitting:

    there are some in the for knees.

    Have you also tried a warm microwavable wheatbag on your knees or ice in a teatowel? Peas will do!

    Take care and keep talking to us lot - it helps!

    Toni x

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    Ask your GP for a referral to your local pain clinic, they are the experts and will be able to try different meds and therapies which may help.