Exhausted all the time 🥲 pain!


Hello fello arthritis sufferers,I suffer osteoarthritis of the foot and knee’s I’m told the knees is just wear and tear but when I crouch down and stand up the crunching and pain is bloody horrible grrrrr,I had operation about a year and a half ago on my foot and Steroid injections unfortunately nothing has worked. Like many sufferers I get good days and bad days my problem is I cannot walk far as I get burning pain in feet and the more I fight it the worst the pain gets and then fatigue kicks in and I have to stop and just rest it’s really getting me down as it’s getting worse the pain the tiredness and weakness I’m only 58 and I feel so old,I do try to fight it but sad to say it’s wining. I speak to doctors about my weakness tiredness and stamina and they do usual blood tests and say everything is fine and send you on your way but it’s impacting my life so much I feel no one takes me seriously I feel wiped out most days and in pain! I wake with good intentions on what I’m going to do each day but sadly I have to stop start and don’t get half of what I want to do because I’m whacked out most of the day. I feel like I’m going on all about me when I know there are much worser sufferers on here but I feel so alone sometimes although I have loads of people around me I feel I’m so alone and of course it kicks the depression in 🥲 Thanks for listening.


  • Hi @rgarybaldi

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. I know that it isn't always helpful, but I hope that you find some comfort in knowing that you aren't alone. You have come to the right place whether you would like advice or a good old grumble. There is always someone here who will help or just listen when needed.

    I feel your frustration at the pain that you are having to work through and the fatigue that you are experiencing. Sadly, this is common with many types of arthritis no matter how old you are or how 'fit' you are otherwise. This is something that I too have found difficult personally being the grand old age of 34, but my partner has made me see that actually, I need to listen to my body and start looking after myself before I can actually take care of anyone else properly.

    We have lots of helpful links that may be of interest to you. First of all, here is a link to information on osteoarthritis in general which may be a good starting place just for information and a little self help:

    Here is a link with some helpful tips for foot and ankle pain- but please take care and ensure that you listen to your body and its limits:

    And finally, here is a link with some tips for managing fatigue:

    It's great that you have a lot of people around you, and don't be frightened to use them- they are there to support you. If all of this is impacting any depression that you experience then please ensure that you speak to a medical professional about this. That is what they are there for. You can of course still speak to us on here- we all understand. It is great to hear from you, please keep talking to us and have a good old nosey around the online community!

    Take care,


  • Aknannie21

    I am new to the online system.

    I have suffered RA for over 30 years . I have RA in every joint .

    During this time I have found the only way to reduce some of the pain and swelling ( besides taking a combination of RA immune suppressant medications ) is a high protein diet and a healthy body weight.

    I found if I ate any junk food, including alcohol , chocolate , beverages ( basically drinking water or herbal tea only ) my joints would flare up to an unbearable level.

    I am in considerable pain everyday, only diet ,a healthy body weight make it bearable.

    However this does not help with exhaustion fatigue and infection. Any advice regarding exhaustion and fatigue?

    It does not help with major joint deterioration.

    I had surgery on three joints. I found surgery helped for the first three years, and after this period the joints returned to a state of unmobilised agony. I am therefore reluctant to have surgery on other joints

    Any advice regarding unsuccessful surgery. Thank you .

  • Poppyjane
    Poppyjane Moderator Posts: 784

    Hello @Aknannie21 welcome to the online community

    We are so pleased that you decided to join us even though you are new to the online system, I hope you find the discussions and activities on offer useful and interesting.

    You have had RA for over 30 years and maintain a bearable level of pain control with a high protein diet , a healthy body weight and medication. You struggle as many of us do with exhaustion and fatigue and wonder if any members have any advice. I hope you have had a chance to look at the above link that Sarah posted on "Managing Fatigue" I attach another one which you might find helpful

    Whilst joint replacement surgery is seen by many as a very beneficial step forward in reducing pain and increasing mobility it is comes with the added responsibility of taking greater control of our joints and muscles in order to maintain our mobility. We are encouraged to exercise to maintain our mobility and with this in mind the community have a number of exercise plans and videos which many of us follow and find really helpful.

    So welcome again to the community, we hope that you will enjoy being part of a great group of friends who are all affected in some way by living with arthritis. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Take Care


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