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I am in the process of waiting for operation on my hands. It is, a bit frustrating the waiting. Had arthritis for the last 20 years. Already had 2 knee replacement. But still keeping going.


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    Hi @Boss it's great to meet you.

    You have come to the right place, it's always so good to hear stories of members who have been living with arthritis for a while.

    Do take a look around the other categories, we have some great ideas for exercise in the Let's Move area Versus Arthritis have been doing such a lot there, then Living with Arthritis has discussions about anything arthritis related where I'm sure you can give lots of advice to those new to well, Living with arthritis.

    Here's our information on hand and wrist surgery, in case there are a couple of nuggets in there for you

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hi Boss, I’m new here too.

    I don’t know if I’m able to ask a question direct, but here goes - what type of surgery are you waiting for on your hands ?

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    Hi @sebsgran  

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    You should now be able to see your first post on the forum. 

    When making your initial post(s) it’s useful if you could give a little background on what brings you to the forum, this enables other members to respond to you knowing a little about your experiences with arthritis. 

    I hope you find the forum of benefit, it’s a very friendly and welcoming environment. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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