So tired

Liza Member Posts: 4

Having a really bad day. the pain has been out there but you have to carry on regardless.


  • Fif
    Fif Member Posts: 45

    So sorry your pain is getting you down today - I know the feeling. Hope things get better for you over the weekend.

  • SarahS
    SarahS Moderator Posts: 188

    Hi @Liza

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a bad day- it's awful when the pain in unbearable and it's hard to know what on Earth to do with yourself! Is there anywhere in particular that your pain flares at once or is it general? It's difficult to describe sometimes, I know.

    Here is a link for managing pain which may help- it's quite generic but could be a starting point:

    I hope that you start to feel better soon- take plenty of rest and care for yourself!

    Sarah (Mod)

  • Be kind to yourself this is fatigue it’s totally different from being tired it’s not something you’re in control of a tomorrow’s another day

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