I am booked in for surgery at the end of May and if my preassessment is ok they are prepared to do both hips at once.Has anyone had this done ,and if so could you give me some feedback,positive,preferably!!


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    Hi @butterfly33

    Welcome to the online community! It's great to have you here. I'm glad to see that you are booked in for surgery soon and I hope that you get relief from this and a better quality of life. Below, there is a link for our information on hip replacement surgery which may be of some use to you:

    I can't offer personal experiences of this just yet, however I'm sure that there are many members here who will be able to share their experiences with you and offer advice for before, during and after.

    Take care and do keep us informed!

    Sarah (Mod)

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    This isn't done very often but I can recall at least two people on here who had it done. I think @weejean had an easier ride than @wildway but the latter lived alone and still got to Paris in the end😊 If you put their names in the search engine - or just the title of your thread, former threads should come up.

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    I’m having staged bilateral hip replacements due to bone on bone, femoral head collapse and Avascular Necrosis. Both hips were equally bad, so we decided in the morning if surgery which side it do first! So the first was replaced 10 weeks ago and the second will be done next Friday.

    I asked repeatedly if I could have both done at the same time but my surgeon said they couldn’t. He mentioned blood loss, blood clotting etc.

    The recovery if the first replacement has been held back as I’m only able to do sitting and lying down physio exercises, as can’t weightbear on the unoperated hip. The operated hip is very strong and totally pain free. I’m still using a walking frame, but hope to progress to crutches fairly soon.

    When I joined this group, I posted about Staged Bilateral Hip Replacement and got some really helpful and supportive responses but none from anyone in the same situation. Good luck with your surgery @butterfly33 I shall be thinking of you. Pat x

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    Wishing you best of luck on hip replacements.I had on

  • Bella59
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    I had one done six months ago went great,am two weeks post operation on second hip still recovering early days yet.Keep doing exercises essential for good recovery.

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    I have to say one at a time was enough for me. It bloody hurts. Moving and walking with the one leg was painful but both. Also just remember that will mean sleeping on back only, as you need to keep off the wound until the staples are out.

    Good luck with the choice but would recommend you make sure that you have people around to assist you.

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