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Having lived with osteo-arthritis for several years I eventually found a support group through my last job (hospital receptionist). One of the nurses introduced me to one of the Arthritis Care publications and I ended up subscribing - never regretted doing so. still trying to find my way through what feels like a fog of trying to get a referral for further surgery or other treatment; currently just about managing with a couple of sessions a year with an Integrated Medicine unit at my local hospital. I had to give up a favourite hobby of mine some time ago as I loved doing needlework (cross-stitch, needlepoint etc.) but fortunately can still do knitting and crochet. Also on the therapy front I took up playing an autoharp! I'm not great at the 'pinch & pluck' playing method but strumming is still possible.😐️


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    Good Morning @JennyBea welcome to the online community.

    I am so glad you found Arthritis care information and are still subscribing now😊

    I see from your post that you have Osteoarthritis and are doing very well it seems with the help of an Integrative Medicine Unit. Now it's very unusual to hear these units mentioned here so I am going to attach a bit of information for our members:

    I also read that you have had to give up one or two of your hobbies, but gained an unusual one as well playing an autoharp!

    Many of our members have struggled particularly though the pandemic to get the treatment, tests and referrals they need for their Arthritis so I know you will be met with understanding and support here.

    Very best wishes