Hi! I'm new to this forum.

Hi all.

I'm a PA sufferer who has lost the ability to play my instruments due to the disease.

I'm keen to learn about the neuralgia related symptoms I experience that for me are worse than the arthritis. Does anybody share this experience? Mark


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    Hello @Marco61 , welcome to the online community,

    You have PA and have lost the ability to play your instruments for which you have my sympathy. I was reading of a member recently who when he was no longer able to play his instruments moved his musical talent to singing and has joined a choir.

    You are interested in learning about the neurological related symptoms you experience which affect you worse than the arthritic pain. You do not say which type of neuralgia you experience and since we are not medically qualified to answer your enquiry I have found a link to the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK which I hope will provide you with more information.

    www. tna.org.uk

    Meanwhile I hope that you will browse our discussions and activities and maybe share some of your story with us.

    Take care


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