On Benopali only, Return to methotrexate

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I have been managing quite well for a year or two now on Benno Pali logic drug only instead of the usual treatment which includes methotrexate

These drugs are usually used together but a nauseousness and the way the methotrexate made me feel was not worth it.

Flareups have started to become more prolonged now one of my management tools is using an acupuncturist who practices floating acupuncture and cupping, I walk out of his office each week floating on air and he’s also trying to tackle the deep-seated autoimmune issue but in the meantime I’m going to have to go back to the rheumatology clinic I don’t really want to take steroids as it’s only short to


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    I think going back to the rheumatologist is a good plan. I've not done the biologics, just meth and hydroxy, but, although acupuncture can help with pain, it cannot tackle an overactive immune system. There are more meds besides steroids and meth. It's a kerfuffle having to change but better than allowing irreversible damage. Best of luck.

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