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Hi, my name is Sue I had a shoulder replacement on the 4th and am feeling really sorry for myself today.

I was only in hospital 24hrs and was sent home with lots of leaflets but no one told how painful it would be and also as it is my right shoulder and I am right handed how debilitating things would be. Maybe I was being nieve, but I never dreamt it would be so bad.

I have had no after care from my hospital because even though I am NHS I was sent to a private hospital. My husband is with me but I feel like I have been enough of a burden, he has helped me with things like dressing me and emptying my pot because I can't get to the toilet. I am independent even though I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and need three other operations, I don't like to keep asking him for help.

I don't want to rush things but I am getting so frustrated at not being able to do much.

Sorry to go on for so long but writing this and having a cry has really helped.


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    Hi @Mouse

    Welcome to the online community, so glad you have posted.

    You say you have had a shoulder replacement on the right side and as you are right handed you have found it quite debilitating and have to ask for help from your husband,also you have had no after care from your operation as you had the operation in a private hospital although you are a NHS patient.

    Firstly has your surgery been informed you are out of hospital? It would be worth ringing up the surgery to find out as you should have an after care package including physiotherapy ,you should be able to get help from them.

    It often helps to tell someone your problems you are not a burden at all just a seeker to find out how you can help your recovery.

    i do hope these links and advice is helpful.Please let us know how you get on and do go on to our forums to chat to others where you will get a welcome from everyone,who all have some form of arthritis so understand what you are going through.

    All the best Christine

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    Thank you Chris for the links, I will have a look at them.

    I did get in touch with my local surgery who said "was it an medical emergency, if not they couldn't help" I hadn't asked them for help just advise on who to contact. I also contacted my local social services and I am still waiting for them to ring was bad enough having the operation but when no one wants to help, my stress level are through the roof.

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    Hi sorry you have had the issues. I am sure your husband doesn’t mind as you would I don’t doubt do the same for him.

    I am due to have my first shoulder done soon but have had both hips done. My daughter is my official carer and helped me loads

    I believe you should be able to contact the physio department and also the OTs for support and guidance on this As for your GP when you call them in pain the answer is yes it’s an emergency It’s not routine post operation and a big one at that

    take care

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    Aw @Mouse

    Bless you. My own daughter had hers replaced at 19 she is now 24 and rarely has any pain and total movement (she was young).

    Now @lindalegs posted this a year or so back:

    Linda still pops in so I am sure she will call by to support you if she can.

    Take care and I promise it WILL get better than this.


    Toni x

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    Hi @Mouse and first of all I send you a big hug!

    It is really hard and I have been where you are now. I had my right shoulder replaced 18 months ago and I, too, am right handed. My husband is my carer and I had to ask him to do more for me than he normally does. We both accept I need help and just get on with it but after surgery and my needs increasing it does put more pressure on both of us! I think it would be so much easier if we could read one another's mind because even a tentative ill-timed request can result in an arguement!

    I'm so surprised you don't have any support from the shoulder replacement team though you don't normally start seeing physios till 6 weeks after surgery. Have you had your dressings off yet? I suggest you ring your surgeon's secretary and have a word with them because your surgeon should have a team of people lined up to follow through this complex surgery. If you're not up to ringing yourself, emotionally, then ask hubby to be with you or even a member of your family or a friend.

    I don't know where you live but here, in Nottingham, I was seen regularly at the hospital for a year after my surgery and I had no 'problems' as such but getting your shoulder mobile again is very important. I came home from hopsital with a pulley which was attached to the top of a door to gently start things off after my first physio session 6 weeks after surgery.

    If you get no joy ringing the surgeon's secretary I would phone your rheumatologist for advice.

    I do hope you can get something sorted very soon as it's no fun being in pain nor frustrated. You should not be left high and dry by your team!

    Love, Legs xx

    Love, Legs x
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