i have been feeling good but done some work in the garden hammering copping stone of. A week later started to hurt in various joints. I know from experience nothing works to settle the joints down apart from injection.

My issue is that the consultant says new research shows that injections weakens the joints so will not inject unless I can prove my joints are inflamed. Blood tests don’t always show what you are feeling and I am tired of having to fight to get an injection. Anyone else experiencing this if so any solutions?


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    Hello @Billy123

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    So you were feeling pretty good last week so spent sometime in the garden. Now a week later, various joints have started to hurt. You know from experience only an injection will ease the pain. Your issue though is that your consultant has told you that new research suggests that injections weaken the joint so will now not use them unless you can prove that your joints are inflamed. Blood tests don't always show what you are feeling and you are fed up of having to fight for help. Your wondering if anyone else has had this experience.

    Well that is a complete knew one to me as I am unaware of that research. I can understand what your consultant is saying but I do know how frustrating it is to need help and not get anywhere with your consultant. It does feel like a fight and I completely understand how that feeling wears you down. Is there anything else that your consultant has suggested instead of the injection? I'm assuming the injection you are referring to is a steroid injection, is that correct?

    Ive attached some information below about steroid injections and information on managing your pain which is I hope is helpful to you.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on and do please continue getting involved in the community.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    Thanks for replying so quick. My consultant recommended physiotherapy which has never done me any good in fact if I tried that for one joint I found doing an excise inflamed another joint.

    steroid injections have had a really good response for me. I had to fight to get one in Dec they would not inject my shoulder even though I could not put my hand above my head. I complained to PAL who got me into see my own consultant he injected my shoulder and agreed that I had hardly any movement 5 months on still ok.

    Now my elbow is hurting due to the work I done in the garden. I know nothing works apart from the injection. My consultant always said you could have up to 3 injections in the same joint per year. Now they are not willing to do this with the new research.

    You said that you have not heard about this new research?

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    I went back to get another shoulder injection and orthapedic surgeon now has me on the list for replacement. I think they need to be sure that an injection will work for long enough.

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