Tricompartmental in both knees help

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I have tricompartmental in both knees with meniscus tears and a whole lot more problems also osteoarthrits in my neck hips as well as herniated discs in back and fibromyalgia am on here asking if any body has same problems in knees as its so painful .


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    Hello @Chuckycat

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us.

    So you have Tricompartmental Osteoarthritis in both of your knees with meniscus tears which is very painful. You also have osteoarthritis is other parts of your body including your neck and hips as well as herniated discs and fibromyalgia. You are wondering is anybody else in the community also has the same problem in their knees, like you do.

    I have to say it was not a condition I had heard of and when I started to look for information on it, I found it was very limited. It seems like its a condition that to get more information on it you would need to speak to a specialist. Is this the case?

    It must be very frustrating for you and I can empathise with how difficult it can be when you have multiple health conditions that all seem to impact on each other. You sound like you must be very strong and brave.

    We are a very diverse group of people in the community so I am hoping that someone else with your condition reaches out to you so that you can talk more about it with them.

    I've included some information below about managing pain, your emotional wellbeing and the helpline details in case you ever need to talk to someone about everything you have going on.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on and do keep getting involved in the community as we are always looking to make new friends.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)