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Hello, I have osteoarthritis in both hips. I am getting help from a physio and have joined a small swimming group that is physio based. But recently I’ve been getting a lot of pain and a kind of “restlessness “ in my right hip that radiates all down my leg. This happens every time I lie down to go to sleep. I’ve tried heat and cold and a pillow and paracetamol, but nothing is working. It seems to start deeply in my glute at the back of my hip. It is really getting me down. Please can someone help? I don’t want to go on to heavier pain killers. Thank you.


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    Good morning @Sparklingbunny nice to meet you and welcome you to the Online Community.

    I see from your post that you have osteoarthritis in both hips, but the right one is giving you trouble at night and affecting your sleep. It sounds as though you are doing lots of good things to help yourself already, physio, swimming and you have tried head cold and a pillow to get more comfortable.

    I am just wondering what your physiotherapist has suggested and at what stage your Osteoarthritis is.

    Our members will certainly be able to share their own tips, but in the meantime this might be worth a read:

    Knowing this article quite well I think you may well be doing most of things advised, but there might be something you haven't tried yet:

    Best wishes


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    Hi have you tried a hot water bottle i use it when my hip is really bad and get comfy with ur pillow under your leg i have had to learn to sleep on my back cos of my hip

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    I use a knee pillow memory foam which helps. I use a tens machine.

    In terms of nighttime ask the GP about amitripoline , it’s an antidepressant but now generally used for pain and sleep. I take 30mg at 17:00 and it helps me get back to sleep during the night.

    Dont leave your hips too long before getting on the replacement list. I was told too young and wait but when I then really needed it has nearly a year for the first and then another15 months for the second.

    good luck

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