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Hi im Linda from Sevenoaks in Kent… I have a new diagnosis of OA although I’d suspected for a while there was something going on… but the GP kept dismissing it… I am overweight and the conversation always seemed to focus on that rather than the pain I’d been experiencing for well over a year. I still haven’t been prescribed any pain relief that helps…. 😔


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    Hi @Chippers95 - Linda

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I see you have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis I wonder whether some information about it might be useful while you wait to meet some of our members?

    It's a big document and includes lots of helpful information including pain relief as well as other treatments which might help you.

    Even though you have suspected something wasn't right you might still be feeling quite shocked and emotional about your new diagnosis. I would recommend reading this:

    Do please join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Chippers95

    My mum used to say 'If i went to the Drs with a spot on my bum they'd say it's because I'm overweight'! familiar tale that one, but you've got there now and know what's going on so well done.

    You haven't said where your OA is located nor what meds you've tried. I also swear by my warm wheatbag - they type you microwave? When my daughter was ill we have a total of 7 of them in this house I think the microwave must have been in tears with the pressure!

    Anyway I hope you'll decide to hang around we are a friendly bunch and do our best to help each other if we can☺️

    take care

    Toni x

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    It’s always the answer. Overweight. When you have pains it’s actually pretty hard to do exercise and a co symptom of pains is depression which again doesn’t help.

    if your in pain tell them you want more. Naproxen and tramadol were the first drugs I started out on.

    The NHS are great but they are busy. If you do not chase them nothing will happen quickly.

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