5th Covid Vaccination?

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Good Afternoon,

I wonder if you could please help me with a question. I am in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group, as I am on Tocilizumab and Hydroxychloroquine due to my RA.

I have now had 4 Covid vaccinations, (3 primary doses and a booster), the last one being on the 1st Feb 2022. I am unsure whether I am supposed to book for the 'Spring Booster' (which will be my 5th dose) for the Vulnerable group and, if so, how long I should wait to have it after the 4th vaccination?

Any advice would me much appreciated.

Many Thanks.


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    Hi @Becky88

    I know that in Scotland the plan is the 5th vaccination should be 24 weeks after the 4th and it's an online booking service.

  • Hi Becky88,

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum, we can understand that it can be a very worrying and confusing time for anyone who is in the clinically vulnerable group.

    Hopefully this information will help in the future:

    All severely immunosuppressed individuals are offered their booster dose no sooner than three months after completing their primary course of three doses.

    Latest data from UKHSA shows booster doses are continuing to provide high levels of protection against severe disease from the Omicron variant among older adults.

    Six months after receiving a second dose, two doses provide between 30% and 40% protection from needing to be hospitalised for COVID-19.

    The latest data from UKHSA shows that five to nine weeks after getting a booster, you are at least 85% less likely to end up in hospital than if you are unvaccinated. It then remains above 70% around three months after the booster.

    How soon after a second dose will a booster be offered?

    The JCVI advises that the booster dose is offered no sooner than three months after completion of the primary course (usually two doses).

    Best wishes


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    Hi Becky

    I recently had my spring booster (fifth jab) I managed to book it using the NHS online booking service and had it three months after my 4th so you should definitely be eligible at the beginning of next month.

    In my case when I arrived for my jab there seemed to be some confusion about whether I was eligible and there was much discussion between vaccination staff and the attendant GP before it was finally agreed that I was indeed eligible (Which I already knew! 😂). Hopefully you won’t have the same problem and you are able to have your jab without any fuss.

    Take care


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    Thank you very much, Jamie, Chris and Elwyn. It is very kind of you to reply.