Hip pain remedies



i am diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and due to start Methatrexate in 3 weeks. Over the past few years I’ve had intermittent groin pain. My rheumatologist says I have reduced motion range in my right hip. Over the past 6 weeks the pain has been most of every day. It is the right hand groin. It’s a sharp, toothache like pain. I can’t take ibuprofen based drugs. Everything and anything triggers it. Being more or less active makes no difference. Has anyone got any advice on ways to ease the pain? Thanks


  • Lilymary
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    I’m surprised your rheumatologist hasn’t referred you for X-ray to find out what’s going on, and what your treatment options would be.

  • alexander1
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    Same as above. You may benefit from an X-ray. They can then do a steroid injection via X-ray to help until they know whether the hip needs replacing.

    opiodes do help.

    naproxen for inflamation

    I have just started methotrexate for the psoriasis arthritis which may help I am two weeks in.

    I was given prednisone steroids which had am immediate impact on reducing fatigue but struggled to sleep for few nights as wide awake and have hot flushes in the face.

    however it made a difference.