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hi, my name is Catherine I'm almost 67 yrs of age, i suffer from osteoarthritis , osteoporosis , fibromyalgia , for a long time now I'm in constant pain day and night, I have injections in my hip i am so fed up with myself and I don't seem to be on any meds or I'm not sure if i should be taking meds for different problems. I'm not for good at expressing myself but I'm most days feel like a zombie, anyone suffering will understand and maybe i can learn something from someone here anyway.


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    Hello @catherineann55

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us.

    So you have Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia. You have injections into your hip but other than that you don't seem to be on any medications to control your conditions. For a long time now, you have been in constant pain both day and night. You feel like a zombie most days and are hoping that other members with the same conditions will be able to teach you something.

    From what you have said I would really advise you to call your GP and get an appointment. You shouldn't be in constant pain and there are medications that you can take for your conditions that should be able to help with that. If this is a route you have already been down, then you can ask your GP to refer you to the local pain clinic. I'm sure if you explain how you feel, they will be able to help. Don't worry about not always be able to get what you want to say across, just be as clear as you can be. Maybe write down some notes before your appointment so you have something to help keep you on point and remind you what you want to say.

    I've attached the following information below that I think you might find interesting and helpful.

    Please do let us know how you get on, and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    It's important that you know which meds, if any, you should be taking and when. As a first port of call, if a GP appointment seems daunting, why not just ask your local pharmacist about any prescribed or over-the-counter meds you have. It's important that they know about all as they can interact with each other and cause more problems than they relieve. Pharmacists are good sources of information and they'd be able to tell you if you need to sort out more, or different, meds with the GP.

    Do let's know how you get on.

    (Injections don't last forever - unfortunately!)

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