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Hello everyone.

Apart from some stiffness in my knees, which I've had for a few years now, I thought I was fairly fit for a 70 yr old. We moved to the south coast almost 2 years ago, about 10 minutes walk from the sea. Lovely! But unfortunately since moving pain developed in my right hip, together with a feeling that my right leg is going to give way under me. Had a hip x-ray in December, saw physio and was given exercises to strengthen hip and back as also getting back pain. Told physio I walked 30-45 mins each day, she seemed surprised I could manage that much as x-ray showed severe arthritis in hip. Since then my mobility has reduced and In February had x-ray on both knees and GP referred me to musculoskeletal specialist, meanwhile had steroid injections in both knees in March. I have never been prescribed painkillers, just advised to take ibuprofen. Last week saw consultant who said arthritis in hip is severe, two options, injection or new hip. Injection may not work, or not for long, pain will come back. He explained the surgery and said GP could prescribe Naproxen (which I will request). He said if it is affecting my life I should consider surgery - I got a bit tearful as told him two things I enjoy (gardening and walking) I could no longer do so yes it is affecting my quality of life. I decided to ask him to refer me for surgery. No idea how long the wait will be. Bit of a shock really, gone downhill so quickly - can no longer walk the 10 mins to the sea.

Are there any exercises in particular which would help me prepare for surgery? I will of course continue with the strengthening ones I've already been given.

Read this morning that Liam Gallagher has arthritis due to a thyroid condition. This interested me as I had Graves disease in my thirties and my thyroid was again overactive in my fifties, both times corrected with carbimazole. My thyroid function was last checked in Oct last year, all OK. I wondered whether there is any more information on this possible link??


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    Hello @Rushy

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us.

    So you have been asked to be referred to surgery for a hip replacement after a period of time where you have tried other things, such as steroid injections. Your doctor has also said that you can start taking naproxen to help with the pain that you are experiencing. The pain that you are experiencing is severely impacting on your quality of life as you are unable to do the 2 things that you enjoy most in life, gardening and walking. You are wondering if there are any exercises that you should be doing to help prepare yourself for the operation other than the strengthening exercises you were given from the physiotherapist.

    You read this morning that Liam Gallagher has arthritis due to a thyroid condition. This interested you as you had Graves disease in your thirties and your thyroid was again overactive in your fifties, both times corrected with carbimazole. You are wondering if there is any more information on this?

    It really does sound like you have been having a hard time of late and I can sympathise. When you love something so much and its your own body that is stopping you from doing it it is very frustrating and can have a real impact on you emotionally. It sounds like you now have a plan though which is a great start and once you have started the new pain relief, hopefully that will make a real difference to you. With regards to the exercises, you will probably find that they are very similar to the ones you have been given for strengthening. When you have a date for your operation you will be called in to attend a class which is where they will discuss the operation in more detail, along with what exercises they will want you to do. In the mean time, I have attached some links below that I think could be of help to you.

    With regards to what you read earlier today, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to answer that. You may find information on the main Versus Arthritis website under the research link though so I would definitely give that a go if I was you.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on and do please continue to keep getting involved in the community. We are always looking to make new friends.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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