Photo-sensitivity & bone pain


Hi all, I hope you've all been getting on okay since I was last on here.

I have a quick question for those who have inflammatory arthritis or know about it: does sun exposure ever cause you (what feels like) bone pain? The reason for my asking is that I got slightly sunburnt on my arms on Saturday, and even though the sunburn itself is going down, I still have pain in my arms that feels just like what I had with carpal tunnel syndrome badly before. I've had this strange reaction to sun for the past two or three years; it never happened before. I googled it, and it seems like this is a 'thing' as other people have suffered this, but it didn't provide any answers. I'm going to raise it at my next GP appointment, though I am a bit worried that they'll think it's psychosomatic!

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    I think anyone who knows anything about methotrexate would be unlikely to think your problem is psychosomatic. We are all warned to keep out of the sun but it can be difficult at times. I have been known, when watching a baseball game in California, to wear more clothes in 90F than I would in 50F. I just grab whatever I have to cover my arms. But I have had the dreaded meth rash and it's not pleasant. I think other DMARDS can cause it too.

    As for bone pain, doesn't ring a bell. I do find my RA can react badly to extreme heat, though.

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    Hi Stickywicket, thanks for your reply. I am not on any DMARDS at the moment as I am yet to be diagnosed with RA, but I wanted to pick the brains of those who have so I could try to figure out what might be happening. Incidentally I was offered hydroxychloroquine because of my autoimmune tiredness (I have several existing autoimmune conditions) but I haven't been brave enough to give it a go. I wonder what is causing this mystery bone pain, then.

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