Osteoarthritis in hips

Hi iv been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips since Oct 2021 iv been out of work for 3 months as it gets painful but comes and gose is there any help I can get iv applied for pip but don't no if I will get it for osteoarthritis I'm finding it hard to manage thankyou mary x


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    PIP is based on your capabilities not just what a disease is. The points system is available online and you can pre assess yourself if required.

    if you go on the web site https://www.turn2us.org.uk/

    you can do a benefits check to see if there is anything you could apply for.

  • Hi I have the same condition as well as copd and suffer with deep depression and anxiety applied for pip as I struggle with everyday things. I have good days but have really bad days . I was declined. Citizens advice went through it all before hand and advised me what I should get but didn't get anything

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    Hi @Marie10010. Welcome and thanks for joining.

    That is hard for you going through the PIP process, even getting help through Citizens Advice and then being declined. Wonder if you appealed it within the month. Sometimes when appealed, it can then be granted, again getting help to do this through Citizens advice may be helpful or even the Disability Law Service.

    Sorry to hear you experience deep depression and anxiety and are struggling with everyday things. Hope these links may be helpful for you -

    Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are getting on and do join in where you feel comfortable around the forum

    Take care


    Need more help - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    Hi@Maryteresa I have severe osteoarthritis in both hips and had to give up my job as an office cleaner, as I could no longer bend and was walking very slowly. I made a claim online for Universal Credit. I told them about my health condition and that I had a fit note from my GP (saying I had osteoarthritis pain). Once they receive your completed form online, you have to take proof of ID etc into your local job centre. Because I had a fit note, I was placed on what they call a Health Journey. This just means that as long as you keep providing fit notes from your GP, you are not expected to look for work. They send you out a Health Assessment form to fill in. This is where you get chance to explain your health condition in more detail, together with the things you can and cannot do, e.g how far you can walk, how long you can sit for etc. You then have either a face to face or ( in my case) a phone assessment, with a health professional, which is more or less going over what you put in your form. This is looked at by someone at the DWP and you are then placed into one of two groups....a group where you may work in the future if your condition improves, or a group where you will not work again, due to your health. If you are put into this second group, you are no longer needed to provide fit notes and you get extra money on top of the standard allowance of Universal Credit. Your case is then just re assessed every couple of years. So sorry for long essay. Hope this helps.

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    I've got severe OA in my hips and knees. Up until 4 weeks ago I was working as a support worker for people with physical and learning disabilities .

    Unfortunately , my mobility has deteriorated so much I need to use 2 sticks or my walker thing with a basket. I had to stop work and go off sick. Sick pay is 8 weeks at full pay and then onto SSP. My first hip replacement surgery isn't going to be before January 23. And then I will have further ops down the line.

    I'm claiming basic PIP but was told I shouldn't try to claim higher rate as because my op is likely to be within 9 months they might refuse the claim and potentially take away my existing money. I'm not entitled to claim universal credit as my partner and I have a little more than £16000 between us. We don't have joint account and he is retired on a pension. It's so frustrating, I've worked since the day I left school (I'm 54 now) and I'm getting quite concerned about my finances. I've always been independent and support my son who is autistic. My partner contributes to the household bills but the house isn't his and is being left to my son when I die. I could cry with the pain and with the worry about the money situation...has anyone any suggestions? The info I was given was from CAB.

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