Osteo, Naproxen depression and pain control


Has anyone found problems with depression when taking Naproxen? I started taking Naprosyn about a month ago and have had dire depression since but the Dr. didn't pick it up so I assumed it wasn't the cause of the depression. Please could someone come up with pain control which you've found good. I had an MRI recently which was scoliosis and Arthritis of the spine and all they said was - your Dr. has to get on top of the pain but he's not and don't know where to go from here. Thanks all so much.


  • alexander1
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    I have medication for mental health issues but believe this are more related to the long term pain and impact on quality of life.

    Your doctor should be on it for pain. Opiodes and injections should be possible.

    nowadays even with all meds I get no long term relief. When I first started I found tramadol abs naproxen did the trick for a while.

  • Penanme
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    Thanks for replying.