I went to see my GP on weds about my suspected arthiritis in my hip and toes and managed to get x-rays.done the same day, which was great. My bloods came back ok with only a slightly raised white blood cell count. The GP thought it unusual my hip pain is at the back, anyone else struggle with lower back and glute pain from suspected hip arthiritis?

My other worry is a solid white mass which showed on my hip X ray, which I have asked my GP to look into (I know they should anyway, but I want to make sure) has anyone else experienced this on an X ray? I wondered if it might be over compensating bone growth?


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    I have both lower back and glute pain but am told they originate from my back where there is some degree of degeneration. My hips have mild degeneration so the pain isn’t from them.

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    Hopefully as well as the X-ray you will get the radiographer report. I have fallen into the trap of looking at my X-rays and MRIs trying to look for signs and that can be a worry.

    Referred pain was what all the professionals mention. I had what I thought was shin splints but this was referred pin from hips and you could of course have some issues in lower back which they found after diagnosing my hips.

    take care

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    Hi @JaneCreates I went to my GP years ago as I had a lot of glute pain. My GP said it wouldn't be arthritis as I'm too young. He said he thought it was a case of having to strengthen my glutes. I didn't agree as I was very fit at the time and already had strong glutes. Fast forward a few years to when I saw my orthopaedic surgeon regarding my knees, and after a full length lower body x-ray I was told I had osteoarthritis in both knees and hips. I told him of the glute pain I experienced and he said it can be one of the symptoms of hip arthritis. I also have arthritis in lower back so pain all in that region. Hope this helps, good luck 👍

  • JaneCreates

    Thank you for your replies @DODGYKNEES @alexander1 and @nicholaj it's really kind and helpful. I will let you know when I get the results some time next week.

    Take care.

  • JaneCreates

    Hi, I finally got my results, early onset osteoarthritis in my hips. I think I am managing well at the moment with Pilates and keeping active. I have noticed a real increase in stiffness but have a physio referral booked in. @DODGYKNEES @Alexaileen @nicholaj

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    Keeping fit really can be key to managing the early stages of osteoarthritis. I think mine had been creeping up on my for many years, but I was a very fit fell walker at the time and it only showed up as a few random pains, or after a very long walk, a bit of soreness in the hip joint. In the later stages poor health kept me off the fells for a few years, but I took up pilates and yoga instead. But I noticed during this time (when I was no longer trekking) that the mobility in my hip was rapidly reducing and I had some random pains in my affected leg. My physio and GP suspected "a bit of arthritis" but not bad enough to xray. Then a fall onto my backside really set things off, the pain went stratospheric, so they xrayed me thinking I'd broken something, and found such advanced osteoarthritis in my hip it already replacing straight away. Then came lockdown.....

    Anyway, my point is my hip had been grinding away for I reckon about 15 years, starting in my mid 40s, but I was so fit I didn't notice the effects as the muscles supported my crumbling hip so well. So keep up the general exercise as along as you can, and particularly focus on exercises to strengthen your hip, and hopefully you'll stave off the worst effects for the foreseeable future at least.

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    Just to say that exercises to stretch and exercise your lower back can be advantageous to the sacral, coccyx and hip area. On your back, Knees together and raised up, lower them to the side letting the weight of them sink lower and lower, then over to the other side and repeat. Very relaxing too 😎.

    Its a grin, honest!

  • JaneCreates

    Thanks so much @airwave and @lily @Lilymary I will give this exercises a try and keep as active as possible! Take care x