Foot bath


The arthritis in my hips make nigh on impossible to wash my feet anymore. I am looking for advice on any products (foot baths) that might be available.

I have searched but all I see are spa's, and I'm not sure that these will do the job.

Any advice gratefully received.


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    Hi @Triggy

    Welcome to the online community great to see you posting.

    You say that you have arthritis in your hips and it makes you unable to wash your feet any more,and want advice on foot baths

    Hope this helps you make a decision for your needs.Please let us know how you get on and do chat to others on the forums they may have some ideas.

    All the best Christine

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    I shower every morning. I have a stool, grab rails and a long handled bath aid forr reaching feet among other bits. Nobody has complained yet 😁

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