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I found this site on the NHS website. I have had osteoarthritis for around 10 years which is affecting more joints - both knees and hip. I am struggling to accept not being able to live life as I would like and finding it more difficult to manage daily tasks. I am nervous of taking regular pain relief because of the way it may affect my liver, kidneys etc - no-one has explained long term effects or how to manage the pain apart from ‘do the exercises’ (which I am). I am on the huge waiting list for knee replacement surgery. I keep telling myself there are loads worse off than me, but it’s really not helping. I joined the site to maybe chat with others who are in the same boat and who may be able to share their experiences of how they manage. Thanks


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    Hello @SHAN55

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us.

    So you have Osteoarthritis which is affecting more joints, mainly your knees and hip. You are currently on the waiting list for a knee replacement. You are nervous about taking regular pain relief because you are worried about how it can affect some of your organs. No one has ever explained the long term effects that they could cause or even how to manage your pain. You are struggling to accept not being able to live your life like you would like but keep telling yourself that there are worse people out there, but it doesn't always help.

    I can completely understand your frustrations. It is very common to feel so out of control when your body changes in ways that you can not control. You are not alone in feeling like this and I think being a member of this community will help you to see this as you will be able to talk to many other people that feel this way.

    With regards to the pain relief issues you are having, have you spoken to your GP about this? There is information on the main Versus Arthritis website under Treatments that gives specific information on the different types of drugs and pain relief you can be prescribed. I would really recommend discussing the pain relief options with your GP though so that you can fully understand what is available to you and how they can effect you. I have attached information below about managing your pain so I hope this can help you.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on and do please continue to get involved in the community. We are always looking to make new friends and are here to support you in any way we can.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    Hi Anne, thank you for your reply. I have asked both GP and pharmacist about taking long term pain relief but they just keep saying don’t take more than the recommended dose. Maybe I am not clear enough in what I am asking.. It does help chatting to someone who understands as I am becoming a little overwhelmed with the pain and do not want to overburden family and friends with constantly complaining. I also do not want them to have a ‘poor Shân’ mentality towards me. Thank you for the links that you have forwarded. I will take a look

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