Psoritic arthritis????

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Just a quick question as I'm currently under rheumatology for suspected psoritic arthritis.

Do you always wake up feeling stiff if you have psoritic arthritis?

No inflammation showed in my blood test or mri bone scan, however Consultant still suspects it due to family history and my own medical history


  • alexander1
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    I have just been diagnosed myself after years of pain put down to osteoArthritus.

    stiffness in mornings yes but can also be throughout the day and sometimes worsen when active dependant on the stage.

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    Hi, thanks for your answer. I have been having symptoms on and off for around 8 years or so. Been tested a few times for lupus due to some of the symptoms I have experienced but always come back negative.

    I have times where I have stiffness in the morning and after sitting for a while but also times with no stiffness?

    Could this still be psoritic arthritis?