Multiple cysts

13 years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hands at the age of 49. In the last 2 years multiple cysts have appeared on my joints, which are sometimes painful and limit the use of 1 joint.

Can anything be done? My doctor really didn’t have much to say and wasn’t interested in seeing me in person. So I privately went to see a rheumatologist, who said they were ganglion cysts, could suggest nothing more than pain killers and said it was normal.

I think have 3 or 4 cysts on my right thumb joint, 2 on the other thumb, 3 or 4 on my right little finger 2nd joint, 1 on the same joint of the other 3 right hand fingers. I also have 1 at the base on my left little finger. So 14 in total and they are increasing in size and number. This really doesn’t seem normal to me, hence my question.


  • Hi@purbeckgirl

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline.

    I'm attaching some information about ganglion cysts.

    If you want to consider NHS treatment it would probably have to be because you are experiencing functional problems.

    Ganglion cyst - NHS (

    If you'd like a chat about the situation, you'd be most welcome to ring us on our freephone 0800 5200520.

    all the best