Hi everyone. Im new on here today. Would anyone like to have a quick chat about how weve spent the day so far? 😊


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    Hi @thecatsmum and welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    When joining the forum it’s normal to use your first post to give some background on what brings you here, for example, the nature of your arthritis, are you recently diagnosed, what do you hope to gain from joining the forum. This enables other forum members to engage with you on a more meaningful basis. I have published your first post but if you feel happy to do so I suggest that you make a second post along these lines. 

    One very established discussion that you may wish to join, based upon ‘having a quick chat’, is Val’s café which you can find here:

    Go to the most recent page and you can join in on the discussion. 

    Please feel free to contribute to any post on Living With Arthritis and other forums. Also, feel free to start a new one there, if you have a question, clearly titled so that others can easily see what you'd like to talk about.

    I hope that you find joining the forum beneficial.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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