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New to community so taking the opportunity to introduce myself. Have been waiting over 2 years now for total hip operation and this has been delayed a few times due to Covid and other minor operations that have had to take priority but at last getting closer. Have done a lot of research over the years so feel more or less prepared and I also belong to a local support group which I have found very helpful. Looked after a neighbour with hip revision a couple of years ago and I hope to be with the same team as we built up a good relationship with them.

I have already found some useful tips on your posts.


  • Chunkygardener

    Hope you get your new hip soon. I had my hip replaced 3 weeks ago after a long wait, 2 years 2 months. It's good to feel that I'm making progress now instead of deteriorating and swallowing painkillers just to cope with day to day life.

    Despite knowing exactly what was involved I was really worried about the surgery, be brave and go for it.

    Despite feeling tired and a bit battered after surgery I have been able to do most things on my own since coming home after a 2 night stay, I can now walk for about a mile with crutches without pain, just muscle ache. It's great not to have the horrible arthritic pain that kept me awake most of the night.

    All the best.

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    Not quite so imminent now! During various tests, a tumour was discovered in the bladder so the removal of that takes over as priority before the THR. Today having had pre assessments for the two operations (MRSA, bloods, height, weight, ECGs etc) they now find that I have atrial fibrillation (no symptoms of this before) which needs further investigation before the hip operation because of the blood clotting possibilities. So further tests and back to my GP for suggestions. At least I can get on with some gardening now!

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    You have a great attitude but what a b^mmer! Three to be exact.

    I hope things can all be dealt with and quickly. Meanwhile, I can recommend the British Heart Foundation site.

    We have a pretty good record on here at supporting people who collect other problems/diseases as well as arthritis. Do keep us updated, preferably on the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look on there.

    And enjoy the gardening

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    I'm sorry to hear you've had a few more medical zingers thrown your way. I hope you can get them sorted quickly and without too much distress. Many of us on here have more than just arthritis to deal with, so you're in good company. Sending hugs.