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Hi, I've been meaning to come her for a while but didn't really know what to say. I think I've now got a diagnosis but not 100%. I received a letter that said Inflammatory osteoarthritis. My symptoms are mainly in my fingers and wrists which is flipping rubbish as I drive a lot and type for work. I started on Celecoxib 100mg twice daily about 2 weeks ago and after 12 days I had no response at all. Go put me on 200mg twice daily and today is day 2 of that.

I have so many questions about this condition, my symptoms and this medication that I don't know where to start, it's all a bit overwhelming.

I'm 45 and my symptoms came on quickly last Sept but progressively got worse this year where Ive now admitted I need some sick leave from work. I feel very sad this has happened. Just to hear from some friendly people would be lovely. Understand the condition and the medication I'm taking would be good too as I've heard some scary stuff.

Sorry for sounding like a downer , I'm not normally but this flipping hurts and one of my fingers is now pretty misshapen.



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    Hi @AmandaBoy

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum.

    You’ve recently been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in your hands/wrists and have been prescribed Celecoxib. You mention that you have lots of questions about your condition, well you’ve definitely come to the right place to ask them. The forum is full of friendly people who should be able to answer your questions and help with your concerns based upon their own experiences.

    If you type ‘Celecoxib’ into the search bar in the forum you’ll see a number of past discussions regarding this drug which you may find useful.

    In addition, here’s a link to our website which includes tips on pain relief:

    Please feel free to contribute to any post on Living With Arthritis and other forums. Also, feel free to start a new one there, if you have a question, clearly titled so that others can easily see what you'd like to talk about.

    I hope that Celecoxib helps you manage your symptoms and that you receive some valuable feedback from members.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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