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I am not quite sure how to explain this, but sometimes when I bring my bad knee up to put my sock on, it feels like the bones are moving or 'popping' out of place then back in place again.😔 There is no 'clicking' as such, just movement and it does not hurt when it happens, but it does frighten me a little bit. When the x-ray came back, the Dr. explained that I had narrowing of the veins/muscles/tendons around the knee area. Also, there is no swelling around the knee either. Am I overreacting about this?

Has anyone else had this happen?


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    Hi @Fran54 I have similar symptoms with my right knee. Years ago I tore my lateral ligament, then a few years later I tore my ACL ligament. I had an ACL reconstruction and meniscus removal 2010 but the new ligament stretched and does not provide the required support that it should. I also have muscle wastage in my right quad muscles, and osteoarthritis. So there is quite a lot of movement with my knee when doing things like putting socks on, similar to what u r describing. Have u ever injured your ligaments or do u have weak quad muscles? It might be a good idea to have physio for knee strengthening exercises. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for replying. As you mentioned it could be muscle wastage. I have been given physio exercises for my knee, but do not always do them as much as I should! I think that I need to up my exercises a bit more and hope that will help.

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    Hi keep doing your exercises because they do help I have oa in both my knees and doing the exercises has made my knees more stable and less painful alsou you can get a sock helper look on eBay ect or author witch sell things to help people with arthritis hope this helps

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