Osteoarthritis and No X rays or Scans given

Hello everyone, I am new here today, I had covid in February 2022 and 3 weeks later I was having trouble walking, I was walking so much slower and limping on my left leg. I am shuffling as I walk

I rang my doctors after it didn’t stop and I was told I cannot have an X ray or blood tests, so I had to try so hard just to get a referral. The doctor did a referral to a Physiotherapist, which I waited just over 2 months to see. I saw the Physiotherapist today the 26th April 2022, she did a clinical diagnosis of Osteoarthritis in my left hip and back, again I asked for an X ray and she said NO.

The Physiotherapist checked me and I was doing some physiotherapy today with her, my balance is pretty bad when doing the assessment.

I do have curvature of the spine which I was diagnosed with some years ago, and I had arthritis in my back with it but the arthritis in my back at that time wasn’t too bad. I am 65

I am seeing the Physiotherapist again in May 2022, I will be doing the exercises at home.

I feel let down both by my doctors and the physiotherapist.

Thank you for reading .


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    Hello @Willow17 . Welcome and thanks for joining the Online Community. Lovely to meet you. I’m sorry to hear that you had covid in February 2022 and 3 weeks later you were having trouble walking, much slower and limping on your left leg and that you are now shuffling as you walk. I understand you feel let down and it is frustrating when you are waiting for a diagnosis. But, it’s great to hear that you are continuing with exercises at home, as keeping muscle strength and support around the joints is important and can help to relieve pain and stiffness with osteoarthritis. 

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    On Living with arthritis we have posts from lots of members who live with arthritis. Our members are also wonderful at sharing their experiences of living with arthritis and I am sure they will share their stories and advice with you.

    Take care


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    Hello Willow17.

    I have just got a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in both hips (only one is causing me pain). I went to a private physiotherapist. She was convinced it was arthritis so wrote a letter to my GP asking me to have an X ray. I was then able to collect the letter and show up at my local hospital at a time that suited me. The NHS physiotherapist told me my hip pain was definitely not arthritis (before seeing the X ray) and that i had a running injury. I am so grateful to the private physiotherapist as I have now seen my GP (who having seen the X ray) has referred me to a specialist. I wonder if you could try a good private physiotherapist to get the X ray?

    Good luck!

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    Hello Manningj,

    thank you for your message, since I wrote my post a lot has happened. I have since seen a lovely physiotherapist in one clinic where I had an hour or so assessment, and she rang back back the next day saying she had spoken to her colleague who thought I should be sent to another clinic for musculoskeletal Assessment to see another physiotherapist who deals with this sort of thing and is the person who decides if they send you for an X rays or an MRI.

    again I had an hour or so assessment and he decided I should be sent for both X rays and an MRI, he put the MRI as urgent, I have had the X-rays and the MRI now, MRI was done in the 27th May 2022 I am awaiting the results which could take 2/3 weeks or sooner, I have been given an appointment for the 16th June 2022 for the results.

    It has taken so long to even get that far, I am so glad I carried on and got them done. I am still having trouble walking and in pain and not easy to do things. But getting there.

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