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im awaiting xray results & physio appointment after GP diagnosed golfers elbow approx 3 months ago. Since then suffering with shoulder pain, swolen & painful knuckles, weakness in both arms. Really stiff in the mornings and takes a good couple of hours to loosen up. Just looking for thoughts on whether RA is likely culprit??


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    Hello @Mshelle72 Thank you for joining the Online Community today, it's great to meet you. I understand you are awaiting x-ray results & physio appointment after GP diagnosed golfers’ elbow approx 3 months ago and now you are experiencing shoulder pain, swollen & painful knuckles, weakness in both arms. Gentle exercises in the morning can help to relieve stiffness. You may find it helpful to read more about getting a diagnosis and checking symptoms against the information about rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

    While you are here, please take time to look around the community. On Living with arthritis we have posts from many members who live with arthritis, I'm sure you will be able to find a couple of tips for your situation, if not, start a new discussion to ask your question!

    Take care


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