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I'm Heather. I have osteoarthritis in my hips, hands and shoulder. I have been waiting about three and a half years for a hip replacement. The first two years were a mess of arrogance (extended practice physios), misdiagnoses, tests, useless physio etc etc. It took me two years to even get to see a consultant. Since then I have been on 'the list'. There seems to be no end to it and no-one who is really interested. Bitter and disillusioned? Indeed I am - today has hit a new low point and I think I need some help and advice.

Otherwise - I'm a cheery, optimistic person who loves to garden (ha ha) to walk (ha ha ha) and to work my two dogs (even more ha ha). Is there anyone out there who understands the frustration, anger, fear and sense of hopelessness? I do hope so.


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