Gp appointments


I saw my Gp over a month ago f2f and wanted to see me again this month.

I've been fighting with the receptionists aka the Rottweilers as I call them. After weeks and weeks battling with them and a message dr telling them too book me and another to her to free up appointments. I wanted to see her because since the prescription dept cooked up my pain meds the one wasn't on repeat and put on mrepeat slip but never got was 32hrs without it and my pain got worse.

Plus a message from the nurse when I went to have a blood test which was important one because of my asthma meds which was missed by the nurse. So I had to go back for that and the nurse saw me asked if I was OK so I told whats been happening over last 3yrs and my mental health after sheilding. So she took my bloods and then sent a message to phone my asap which never happen and I needed to see her f2f. Finally got a f2f appointment to see only to get a call saying it been cancelled because she got covid which is the second time this has happened to me. They were going to put me with another female Dr but she's gone off sick so now I have to wait to see if she's back next week as there's no more female drs on duty at my surgery and I can't get to their other one down near the cricket ground as I got no transport and to far for me to walk and even if I go down the side streets still to far its on the north bay side and I'm more on the south bay side.

They say they'll will keep me informed if owt like notify me when get appointment free which never I always have to keep chasing them up. Also used to have some support but that's gone the person I could relay on has left and gone to another surgery with better conditions and pay and the person I was left with was her colleague which I can't get hold off so she's a Waste of time. So now I've got no back in if I have any problems. Let's hope she's back next week and get me in next week it will be either Wed Thurs or Friday when she'll be working that's if she's back.


  • Hi @Peawhips

    Welcome to the online community! It sounds like you really needed to get this off your chest and this is the right place to do it! I'm so sorry that you're being messed about so much and can understand how frustrating this is- it's just unfortunate that your GP has been off and keeps being off like this. I suppose in these circumstances, the best thing that you can do is just keep on top of them to try and get an appointment, and use your support network whether that be people at home or on the online community.

    I'm sorry to hear that your mental health has suffered too- you are not alone so please use us and talk to us and our members. Is there anything specific that you would like some support with? I can post some links below that are generic but I would love to try and meet your needs better. Maybe these would be useful for now:

    I hope that you manage to get somewhere soon, in the meantime please feel free to look around the community!

    Take care,