New Government guidelines on Arthritis

Hi, not a good day and heard something on the news this morning which made it worse. Despite long long waiting lists for new hips, knees etc the government has decided people with arthritis no longer should be given painkillers but should be told to lose weight and exercise more, this apparently will save the NHS millions every year. Do they actually realise how painful arthritis is, that’s without needing new joints. Where it is a struggle some days just to get through that day as the pain can be so bad.


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    Hi @PatB2255

    Welcome to the online community.

    I see you have chatted on different chats already.As you say Arthritis all type is painful and it is a bit worrying the Goverments stance. You dont say what type of Arthritis you have,it would be good if you could tell us your journey and story of your arthritis so we can give you up to date information on which type of arthritis you have and be able to help you.

    Please tell us how you get on and do keep on chatting to others on the forum.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi Christine, I have Osteoarthritis in my spine which is quite bad and in last couple of years I have shrunk 2 inches due to disc damage, it’s also in my hands, left ankle and right knee which I am awaiting a replacement for. I have had 2 operations on my right hand, initial operation was a Trapeziumectomy, but when I attended to book to have the left one done I had informed my Consultant Surgeon that I was having a lot of pain in it. I had it x-rayed and had to have more surgery as some bones had moved he said, he did some further surgery with a carpel tunnel and further Trapeziumectomy. I am awaiting surgery on my left hand now. There was going to be some work on my spine but was told they had found what they were going to do had not proved to be effective following other peoples surgery outcomes. I have a problem with my left hip at the moment as I think it’s taking more than it’s share as my right knee clunks around so I can’t always put much weight on it. I have had a problem with pain in my back for a number of years, and some pain in my hands, but shortly after my husband passing away just over 4 years ago I fell down the stairs and after that my arthritis really seemed to kick off. I am sure other people have similar stories regarding their arthritis, and I am probably a lot luckier than a lot of people, although some days it does not feel like lol. Keep smiling I what I always say ‘there is always someone worse off than you,

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    Yes I heard this on the radio this morning as well.

    People diagnosed with arthritis are at different levels of advancement and have varying levels of pain and how to cope with it. Also, some people may not need to lose weight but still be in pain and we know how difficult it is to get motivated to do exercises at the best of times when you are in pain.

    It makes you wonder if anyone in Government suffers with arthritis as I am sure if they did this announcement would not have taken place.

    It makes your blood boil, trying to save money over people's health/mental wellbeing.😒

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    There was a GP on BBC yesterday morning that actually stated that people with Stage 4 OA should not be exercising as this would cause further damage. In my case (Degenerative Facet Joint Disease and widespread OA plus damaged discs in lower back and neck) 2 physios said that I cannot exercise as did a consultant and a pilates instructor I was having one to one lessons with refused point blank to continue with me as she could hear my bones grinding!! Exercise may well help a lot of people keep their muscle structure to support their weakened joints and so forth but it is not a panacea for everyone. I am getting sick and fed up with exercise being pumped all the time as a substitute for other treatments and meds, I am not anti-exercise having served in the armed forces and participated in many sports until my OA kicked in, but a bit of thought and wider understanding would be good.

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