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hi everyone ,

ive just been refused the enhanced mobility part of a PIP appeal decision I get 10 points for the mobility and moving around but always seem to score zero in planning im recovering from an a serious injury from 20 years a go it eventually to a point where I had post traumatic osteoarthritis and was getting by in a lot of pain and a yearly steroid injection which became less effective or didn't work after 3-4 years and the pain got unbearable so my option was to have an ankle fusion to relieve the constant pain which ive successfully had done now over 8 months a go after a 16 month wait I also suffer with depression and generalised anxiety disorder which im medicated for I live in a new build apartment block second floor and rely heavily on the lift as climbing up and down stairs is too much of a challenge and the lift as just been repaired after a month of not working I know I don't get out much as its so tiring I can't walk unaided and rely on my 72 year old mother to do my shopping ironing and making meals 2-3 times a week which is a great help and any appointments my mum or partner can drive me there ive worked up until 2019 where my job was impossible as it was manual and involved lots of lifting fitting machine parts and walking and the arthritis was at its peak then im currently taking the highest dosage of codeine but I feel isolated and don't like relying on my mother to do these great things for me I just want some independence and the enhanced mobility which im a point short would give me this as I would qualify for the mobility scheme and would be have an option for a car or disability scooter ive probably only been out a handful of times in the last few years and with the summer coming up it would help me mentally to sit out I have a mental health mentor I see once a week and thinks I should challenge this decision and take it to a tribunal im currently getting PIP standard mobility I have a blue badge and free public transport pass but I can't get to a bus stop because of the location and find it overwhelming going out due to been anxious I don't want to rely on my mum as she's retired but primarily looks after my grandma who is 97 just want to know I have a choice of independance without relying on others ive adapted to knowing life as taken a massive turn from working full time and exercising regular to been confined to my apartment as anyone else in the same position any feedback would be greatly appreciated also do they take into consideration that even the shortest walk aided results in been tired for the rest of the day

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    Hi Darren

    In the same position as you and really frustrated to be honest. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and applied for a Blue Badge and PIP in August 2021 after 15 years of not claiming for anything, despite my children and parents nagging me. I'm a typical bloke and didn't want help as I was still able to work.

    I got the Blue Badge a few weeks later after a face to face interview where the consultant was able to see how much I was struggling and I was impressed with the ease of the service.

    The PIP process however was over the phone where they asked me a series of questions and it felt like they were just going through a scripted tick list. I explained my situation but felt that they were not interested to be honest.

    I got a letter in November 2021 to say I was eligible for the standard day to day PIP payment but declined for the mobility part. I appealed for a mandatory reconsideration as I really need the mobility part to enable me to get a mobility car to enable me to keep working. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have just had my 2nd Hip Replacement at the age of 45. I have just started on biologics and I am now waiting for a bilateral knee replacement. I am unable to walk unaided and use double crutches to hobble around in the house or a wheelchair when I venture outside for hospital appointments, blood tests or physio. The problem with the DWP telephone interviews is that genuine people are treated as though they are exaggerating there condition. The sooner the face to face interviews return the better in my opinion.

    They have now given me the standard mobility part, but I am not eligible for the mobility scheme. I am now waiting for a tribunal but don't have high hopes I'm afraid.

    All I want to do is help myself and get a car to enable me to keep working.

    Hope this helps...

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    Hi there, I am new on here. I have my PIP assessment over the phone on Thursday as have Osteoarthritis in all my joints and in my spine.I used to work in retail, but had to give my job up as I cannot stand for longer than 10 minutes without being in pain, and can't walk that far either now and use a walking stick. I already get Universal Credit with Limited capability for work and work related activity, and am due to have work start on my bathroom conversion to a wet room in the next few days as cannot get into and out of the shower over my bath, having had a few near misses slipping while trying to climb out! or bend down to clean all the nooks and crannies. I am dreading the result of my assessment. There has got to be some improvement in the way that the PIP people doing these interviews work and their way of interrogating people and having the attitude that everyone is out to con them out of money trying to deal with everyday life and make the best of our various life impacting conditions, when all we want is a hand financially to manage our conditions the best way we can.

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    Hi @LynneP ( sorry to hijack your thread @0789blackie !)

    Just a quick welcome to the online community as this is your first post - I hope you find plenty of information and support from our friendly members.

    The Citizen's Advice Bureau have published a useful page on PIP that you might find useful to read before your interview:

    Have a browse round the rest of the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable. You might like to have a look at the Work and Financial Support forum, where members discuss work and benefit issues.

    Anna (Mod)

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