I’m 8 weeks post op TKR, movement is going well but frustrated with a tight band feeling across and under knee. Also quite tearful


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    Hello @Kathrine9

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    So you are 8 weeks post op for a Total Knee Replacement. Your movement is going well but you are frustrated with a tight band feeling across and under your knee. You also feel quite tearful.

    Well firstly, well done with your operation. It sounds like you have been working hard to get that movement going which is excellent. I too have had a couple of knee replacements and know how hard it can be. I expect that is where the tearfulness is coming from as well. Any operation is a lot to process, but I suspect if it meant a lot to you, its an even bigger event. I think being tearful is perfectly normal and understandable, just your mind's way of processing and getting out everything you've recently been through.

    With regards to the tight band feeling, I can't remembering having that feeling, but I'm sure if any of the other members felt it, they will let you know as well as what they also experienced. If it is something you are worrying about though, you are best asking your surgeon and their team or maybe even your GP, just so your mind can be put to rest.

    I've attached a couple of links below that I think will be of use to you so do give them a read when you get the chance.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on and do stay involved in the community. Feel free to have a look around as there are lots of hidden gems out there and whatever you are going through, someone may have already been through something similar and posted. There is always someone around and we are always looking to make new friends.

    Take care

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