Hi all,

I've been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis it affects mainly my feet hands and knee, can anyone give me advice as to whether I would be entitled to pip

Thank you 😊


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    Hi @Kerry82

    Lovely to see you posting again. Benefits like PIP are awarded based on how your condition affects you, so you could get help with mobility if you struggle to walk or care if you need help during the day.

    Here's the link which goes through the various benefits there are and also a couple of links to sites that can help you when completing the form. Basically tell the story as it is, it might be OK to say fine to you people you meet but it's not if you are claiming for help.

    If you think it could be for you then do get help to fill in the form

    Take care


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    Thank you Yvonne 😊

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    I think it's absolutely worth a try. PIP is a non means tested working age benefit.

    Take your time read the information from Yvonne and get your supporting evidence ready before you send for your forms to fill in. It's useful to attach bits like copies of consultant's reports with your application and they only give you so long to get the forms back to them.

    Finally when it's done photocopy your forms so you have a record of exactly what you said.

    Best of luck

    Toni xx

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    @Kerry82 yes you should look at claiming PIP. It can be more of a case of how well you describe your symptom's rather than the actual condition you live with. NRAS have produced a guide to claiming PIP that may help you understand how the scoring works. Personal Independence Payment | NRAS

    You can get help to complete the form from your local disability welfare advise service.