Managing osteoarthritis, young children & perimenopause

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Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis last year at 44 (mainly in my knees) and feel I have not yet worked out how to manage my condition, especially juggling two young kids and a full time job. My partner is very supporting but with being busy parents, our diet, lack of exercise, sleep and time have kept me from creating a new routine for myself which, after a recent bad flare up, has become vividly apparent. To make it more complex, I'm also perimenopausal with possible endometriosis...

I go for a short walk every day to get the joints working and take vitamin D (and ibuprofen) but apart from that I really need some help from similar people, whether it's family meal ideas that include essential vitamins to help manage the condition(s), healthy food swaps for on the go, supplement recommendations, or words of wisdom to push me in the right direction. Any advice welcome :)


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    Hello @LauraDe and welcome to the online community,

    You certainly sound as though you have your hands full with osteoarthritis, two young children, a full time job and being perimenopausal! It's a good job that you have a supportive husband and that you've found the online community - everyone here has experienced living with arthritis and can understand some of the challenges you face.

    I'll let other members offer their suggestions for how to manage your condition, but meanwhile, there are a few pages from the Versus Arthritis website that you might find helpful when thinking about preparing family meals and complementary treatments:

    I've also linked to Sarah's story - one of our members who is learning to live with arthritis and the menopause:

    Do have a look round the forum and join in whenever you feel comfortable. The Living with Arthritis forum is interesting to browse through - there are plenty of tips and suggestions on how to live well.

    Anna (Mod)

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    Hi Laura,

    I'm the same age with kids 5 & 9. I have swollen/stiff hands and pain all through my arms/shoulders.

    Try and several short walks while you are at work if possible, if you do a desk job then you need to be moving at least once an hour. If not walks then some sort of movement on a regular basis.

    Getting enough sleep really makes a difference to everything (I don't know how old your children are though)

    I really recommend this cookbook - my kids love lots of the recipes and it's so easy as all ingredients get thrown in one pan cold then simmered for about 15 mins, really tasty and interesting!

    One-Pot Pasta: From Pot to Plate in under 30 Minutes

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    Hi Have just read your post and have looked up this book on a well known site and it looks very appetizing. Many thanks.

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    Great tips AndyT, I'll look that meal up. My kids are 2 and 8 so the sleep part is really tricky with the toddler (hopefully better soon though 😐️). Walks do help, I think I just need to do more of them and some stretching during the day too. Thank you :)