Arthritis and foot pain

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hello, my name is alexia, first time I had a pain in my knee was back in 2017, was 24, contact my gp and they said was nothing young and the pain would go soon enough, few weeks later I contact them again send me to physio and nothing was working, so went privately, showed the letter to my physio after I did my scan privately and he said “ it’s nothing but a sprain don’t need to see a specialist “ I felt so bad wouldn’t even move my knee the mri showed swelling and probably arthritis.

eventually I got to see the doctor and he confirmed was arthritis, he’s a lovely doctor and has see me for 2 years now, and because of him in many ways my knee is better and they discovered a tumour which most likely will be removed, I’m now 27.. and this could all have been avoided at 24 I wonder?

my blood test shows some sign of liver damaged probably because of my meds, and now to what I wanted to get to; my foot ( the same side as my knee ) got swollen for no reason eventually Red, my toes hurts, between them to and middle of my foot, the bones hurts, turned red and now it’s purple, for 2 weeks now, called my gp and again “ no appointment or had nothing to do with my arthritis” and I’m really scared this is escalating really quickly and I have no previous pain on my foot. Not like this just normal day to day hurt or when my knee was really bad.

aorry for a long text but hope someone can give me some advice on the foot? I taken pics of the stages too, and made a few small video to keep track of it.

thank you


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    Good morning @Alexia I'm very pleased to meet you.

    Well done for checking out posts by other members and offering help where you can, it's exactly the right thing to do. You started out with knee pain and in the end paid privately to find out the cause and now you are on treatment which is doing well. However now your foot is painful, swollen and discoloured. Your GP hasn't yet seen you in spite of your efforts.

    Since you have mentioned in a different post that you have a nurse clinician as part of your health team I'm thinking you probably have an inflammatory arthritis. it would be sensible to ring again and explain to them what is happening. It's a tricky thing knowing who to talk to as inflammatory is treated by a rheumatologist but osteoarthritis by a GP and many members here have both! Either type of arthritis can occur around the body, affecting more joints so it is important to press on with getting help.

    Here is our information on caring for yourself which might help you manage any stress/frustration you may be feeling

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts very soon and do let us know how you got on with this problem too

    Take care


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    Welcome to the forum, @Alexia . I see that you have been having difficulties with your knee, been a diagnosis of arthritis but have now developed problems with your foot, Along the way a tumour has been found. Your blood tests show some liver damage.

    Is the doctor you have found supportive your GP or a consultant. If a consultant have you spoken to him about your foot? Also you need to get help with the liver damage, if you have not already had the cause identified and remedial measures agreed.

     In the meantime, here are some links from our website that I hope will prove helpful: 

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.


    Tom, Moderator.

  • Alexia
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    Hello, yvoneeh;

    thank you for all your support and your nice message, I will def check the links you sent.

    the only problem I’m finding is that the hospital as send me back to my gp, for blood test and any further pain, my good doctor is seeing me again in November to see what the other specialist in the tumour will say and if after the removal the pain will go away.

    my next hospital appointment is at the end of June, hopefully I can find out e what’s wrong after 4 years, for now it’s kind of “ is this and that at the same time “.

    don’t know if I should change gp will that do any good?

    my clinician wasn’t helpful at all. Said I should call back to book another appointment with another doctor for my prescription and gave me no name nothing, and i mentioned I have no more pills and still she wants me to wait for 2 weeks or more for an appointment to get my med.

    thanks for your support

  • Alexia
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    Thank you for the links and your reply.

    my hospital doctor makes sure I have all the letters and is also sent to my gp.

    im thinking maybe it’s my age Or they think it’s not serious because I don’t call regularly, I’m not sure, but def will trace up.

    as soon I have more information I will let you guys know

    take care

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