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Hello, I've joined because I need some support with my arthritis. X-rays show mild osteoarthritis in my spine and hips. I suffer most with neck pain, which is always on the left side and feels like a really bad headache in my neck and left side of my head. I've been prescribed Voltarol Gel, and some sort of pepper derivative to apply topically neither of which really helps. I'm on 20mg of Amitriptyline in the evening and I really can't say whether it helps or not. I've been given Naproxen, which gives me blocked ears and tinnitus and Celecoxib, which keeps me awake. The only thing that helps is paracetamol, 60mg Codeine and Ibuprofen. I can only take Ibuprofen sparingly as it upsets my stomach. I very often can't sleep due to the pain, so I reach for the painkillers. Recently I've been taking Codeine more often than I want to, due to the addictive nature of this drug.

My neck pain has been with me now for three years. I've tried physio but it makes it worse. In fact, I limit my everyday activities as anything can set it off and it's horrible. I've now started to wake up with pains in my legs, from the arthritis in my hips.

I'm struggling with low mood due to all of this. Thanks for reading.


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    Welcome to the forum, @SteffJ. I understand that you have been given a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in the spine and hips. The neck pain, mostly concentrated on the left, you find particularly difficult to cope with. You have not tolerated well the medication you are on and you are further concerned at the possibility of addiction developing with the codeine you are taking. This latter is best discussed with your GP.

    Here are some links to our website:

    The importance of keeping mobile is much discussed on the website and in this link:

    Please keep posting to let us know how you get on. You will find as you read the posts of others that you are not alone in your experiences and hopefully, will find support from them.

    Tom, Moderator.

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    Hi SteffJ,

    I have neck problems too, it grinds terribly when I move my head and often leaves me with a headache. I took to 'nursing' it along, but it didn't stop any flares and when I was driving I noticed I was turning my whole body to see over my shoulder or before turning left or right. Then I realised I was going to end up not being safe to drive, for me that would be awful.

    I do the exercises now regularly, perhaps you have been trying to do too much too soon. I turn my head to the right - just as far as it will go, no more, rest for 3 secs, return to forward, rest and repeat on the left side. I started out only 2 or 3 times when I sat down with a cup of tea. Then up and down in a similar manner. This is where I found the exercises

    I thought I was wasting my time but a friend encouraged me and after a while I was turning my head further - maybe only mm but I could see the difference. I also got a big collar like wheat bag to heat in the microwave, when I put that on it's like instant bliss and is great when I'm getting ready to sleep.

    Like you I take amitryptylene and a NSAID - I have a stomach protector Omeprazole to take with them and I have pain meds too.

    Give it a try, doesn't take much time and fits in with what you are doing - and it might help


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