Can't Sleep



I can see there are a few of us online I have been awake for two hours in pain. I have osteoarthritis in both my hands the x rays showed severe damage to my bones and ligaments in the thumbs particularly the right one.. I just thought I would like to chat with someone.


  • Brynmor
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    Sadly no one took you up on the offer of a chat. There used to be (long time ago) a regular group who called themselves the "Night Owls" who would chat over the odd hours they were awake.

    You may be interested in this conversation started by @Baloo on sleeping in 2 "shifts".

    Perhaps other late-night members can add to the conversation here: what do you do when awake in the middle of the night?

  • stickywicket
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    If I can't sleep I brew myself a cuppa and read a book while drinking it. If necessary and possible I take some pain relief. Make sure it's a book or magazine, though. The blue light from tablets, phones etc isn't good for sleep.

    I'm sure @Brynmor won't mind a slight correction from an old hand. The thread was on Chit Chat and called 'Night owls and early birds'. I never used it but it was quite popular at one point. Why not start another @Etta ?

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  • Lilymary
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    Before my new hip I used to dose myself up with pain killers before I went to bed, which bought me a bit of respite before the pain woke me up again. Now if I can't sleep, I try reading (something not too exciting or I'll be up all night!). If that doesn't work, I stop fighting it and decide I might as well enjoy myself, so I watch something gently entertaining on telly (Sewing Bee is perfect!) or do as you did, check out who's still awake on the internet. I'm sorry no-one took up your invitation last night - I have the opposite problem at the moment, and can't wake up. The joys of radio therapy. 🙄😅

  • Cimca
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    I have medication before I go to bed but invariably I'm awake at 3-4 in pain. I used to log on but there was no one here! So I have a drink, take some more tabs, and read a book. The challenge is not to give in to the cat wanting his breakfast, as far as he's concerned if I'm up it's feeding time!

  • Ellen
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    Hi @Cimca

    Feel free to leave your posts even if it is really early. You might one day just find someone else up at the same time. Years ago we had 2 small groups of 'Night Owls' and 'Early Birds' they called themselves.

    Are any of your medications slow-release? I know some are available in that format so that might help you sleep a little longer.

    I also have a cat who thinks if I am up it's food time!!😺

    Best wishes


  • Manningj
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    You could try alternate hot and cold therapy before bed. I have just tried this for my hip and knee and slept much better because of it last night (without the need for any painkillers).

  • Baloo
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    If chatting genuinely takes your mind off things then go for it. You could try inviting a few people to a chat if prefer a group. Right now I'm listening to moon river and can barely keep my eyes open.