Night time knee pain

I have diagnosed OA of left knee, and right shoulder - joint between collarbone and sternum; and suspect left hip is coming out in sympathy with knee as it really aches after a long walk. 

Recently my knee pain has been keeping me awake at night in bed. Apart from medication, does anyone have any tips that have worked for them, for making the knee more comfortable in bed?


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    Hello @KipperKat

    A big welcome to the online community great to see you posting.

    You have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of left knee right shoulder joint between collarbone and sternum and your left hip seems to be coming out in sympathy as it aches after a long walk,also your knee pain has been keeping you awake at night and you would like advice and tips on how to make the knee more comfortable in bed.

    Hope this link helps you in some way.Others on the forums may come up with more tips so do gonto the forums and talk to others,everyone is friendly and helpful and understand what you are going through.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi @KipperKat I have knee osteoarthritis which affects my sleep due to pain. I bought a full length body pillow a few months ago to use in bed. I lay on my side to sleep, placing the long pillow between my knees and arms. I find it very useful and it does provide some comfort for the joints. Hot water bottle also helps. Hope this is helpful 👍

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    Might be something like a soft or well used mattress and the dip in the middle, your knee might be forced to bend sideways or pressure backwards as you lay on your back or side? It’s quite distressing the weight of a duvet can have?

    My feet and ankles are prone to hurt at night, if I lay on my side or tummy and lay with my feet out the bed all is well or at least better. Our mattress is on the firm side, I use a shaped pillow to take the weight off my shoulder.

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