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Has anyone used FlexiSEQ and if so, what are your experiences with it?


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    Hi @Pebble1969 welcome to the Online Community.

    Our web site is a source of great information an is well worth exploring as well as reading around here at the Online Community. We have a page on the commercial product you are asking about, I hope you find it useful:

    You are welcome to join in across the Community and might like to start by introducing yourself or say how you are affected by arthritis.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

    All best wishes


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    A quick search of previous thread produced this @Pebble1969

    Hope it helps

    Toni x

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    Yes, I have been using it for the last 5+ years.

    I call it '3in1 oil for the joints' - it really helps lubricate my arthritic ankle so that it doesn't grate when I walk.

    But you don't need nearly as much as it says on the pack

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    I used it regularly for quite a while and it does help but it has got very expensive

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    hi @Pebble1969

    I had it on prescription when I first had shoulder problems. I think it's probably been cheap skated off the list by now but I would say it was excellent and if I had shoulder problems again I would buy it.

    I only needed to use a small amount so a tube lasted until I had had both my shoulders fixed so worth every penny

    A useful tip....if you need to apply cream to any joint or area you struggle to reach, buy one of those washing up sponges on a handle, trim off and discard the scourer green bit and use the sponge on a handle to apply the cream. It works a treat and replacement sponges for these are cheap too.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx